“myCapptain” turns your iPhone / iPad into an ultimate control center for your toern & yacht management.

Ideal for all charter ship skippers and yacht owners, both sailing & motor.

  • Basic Data

    Measurement / Units




    Check Lists

    Roles / Tasks

    Data Backup

  • Toern Planning


    Route & Leg Planning


    Planning Overview


  • On a Toern

    Open/Close Day

    Cash Box Entries


    Crew Movements

    Change of Ship

    Document shipping

  • Cockpit


    Log Journal

    Weather Data

    Safety (Radio)

  • Ship Owner Functions

    Owners Cash Box

    Cost Statistics

    Scheduled ToDo‘s

    Ship Documentation and Manual


Full data access whereever you are.

With “myCapptain” you have full control at sea – regardless of internet access.

“myCapptain” makes my life on bord so much easier.

Focus on the essential & enjoy your toern to the max – while “myCapptain” takes care of the admin log work.

An app created by captains for captains.

Our lean app structure for iPhone / iPad enables you to plan, organize and run your toern with a zero stress factor.

All functions at a glance

“myCapptain” offers a wide range of most useful functions which help improve the management of your ship and maximize the productivity of planning a toern.

  • Crew

    Crew data is taken from your contacts and are eventually completed with needed additional info, such as passport number.

  • Crew Changes

    Departing crew members are registered. Cash box journals and log book excerpts can be emailed.

  • Check List

    Management of sorted or grouped check lists. Both general check lists, & check lists specified for an individual ship, are available.

  • Cockpit

    All relevant functions on a toern can be managed here, without always needing to change screens.

  • Data Backup

    All data can be saved, and retrieved anytime. This function is also very helpful when testing new functions.

  • Cash Box Entries

    “myCapptain”’s cash box can handle various currencies. It also allows the definition of cost types and the splitting of costs among crew members.

  • Log Journal

    All log entries can be edited, deleted and completed with text and photos after the fact.

  • Maneuvers

    “myCapptain” knows both sailing ship as well as motor yacht maneuvers. A check list can be connected to every maneuver, as a documentation or reminder.

  • Measurement / Units

    You can choose (and later change) your preferred measurements. “myCapptain” calculates in the unit chosen during the actual runtime.

  • Organisation

    Duties and tasks are listed and documented in check lists. Due dates and ToDo’s as well as irregularities or changes are registered.

  • Planning

    The planning tool provides all the necessary information to the crew members, allowing an optimal preparation prior to a toern, including responsibilities, organisational matters, route planning and various check lists, such as for gear packing, general rules, maneuvers etc.

  • Roles / Tasks

    Roles and tasks describe the responsibilities of the various crew members. They can be easily modified and defined, based on individual needs.

  • Route Planning

    As part of the toern planning, you can define your possible route per day (from – to) and the planned distance, as well as take individual notes.

  • Ship – Changing a Ship

    Administrative tool for managing charter ships or owner ships. Every registered ship can be used for a number of toerns, and changing a ship during an ongoing toern can also be easily managed.

  • Safety

    “myCapptain” generates and suggests adequate radio transmission messages, based on the actual ship data, its current position and other eventually available situational data. The radio alphabet and a translation function is also included.

  • Open / Close Day

    Confirmation of the actual standings of fuel and water tanks, log data as well as eventual differences between data registered by “myCapptain”, and the actual ship instruments and counters. These are equalized by “myCapptain” (e.g engine hours, log distance, fuel).

  • ToDos

    The definition, management and execution of the ToDo’s. ToDo’s can be defined manually when defining the organisation, or with scheduled check lists in “Owner’s Ship“.

  • Toern Planning

    You can review closed toerns, including all the relevant data, somewhat like with a photo album. Old log books and cash box journals etc. can be reviewed and copied or sent as PDF files.

  • Responsibilities

    Crew member responsibilities are defined with assignments, and these are listed in the log book.

  • Shipping

    All available data, such as check lists, toern plannings, cash box journals etc. can be generated as PDF files, and they can be directly emailed in various formats (e.g. letter, A4).

  • Currencies

    Indefinite number of currencies possible. Currency exchange rates can be ongoingly modified, if necessary, without affecting done entries.

  • Weather Data

    Additional information, taken from the current/actual log entry. Weather data can be modified.

Statements from real captains:

  • Foto von Jamie Morris

    I can no longer imagine going on a toern without “myCapptain”. The admin and paper work is really reduced to the max!

    Colin Mackenzie,

  • Foto von Jamie Morris

    Pretty cool App. I basically have my ship with me in my pocket - all up-to-date data is accessible at any time, with a few clicks only.

    Hervé Dupont,

  • Foto von Jamie Morris

    I am very pleased with “myCapptain”, my expectations are fully met. Even my motor yacht friends are thrilled.

    Olaf Huggenbrink,

  • Foto von Jamie Morris

    You don’t change your habits so easily after 20 years – I thought. Nevertheless I gave it a try and bought “myCapptain” in the basic version (no add. functions). Meanwhile I am impressed by its functionality and I use this great app alot.

    Jens Dettlef,